tenki.jp 日本気象協会の天気予報専門アプリ v APK For Android

tenki.jp 日本気象協会の天気予報専門アプリ v APK For Android

App Information of tenki.jp 日本気象協会の天気予報専門アプリ

App Name tenki.jp 日本気象協会の天気予報専門アプリ v
Genre Apps, Weather
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Package Namejwa.or.jp.tenkijp3

Description of tenki.jp 日本気象協会の天気予報専門アプリ


①天気予報 ②地震情報 ③読み物 ④天気図
・アプリ画面右上のメニューから、「天気情報 一覧を表示」をタップすると、津波情報、警報注意報、台風情報、火山情報等の防災情報も確認できます。

[8 recommended points of tenki.jp]
1. Hourly weather forecast for each municipality (you can also search by facility name)
2. “10-day weather” longer than the weekly weather forecast
3. Know the current temperature, humidity, wind direction / speed, and precipitation
4. We are updating the weather commentary by the weather forecaster multiple times every day!
5. Notification function for weather and approaching rain clouds
6. Weather forecast widget function (You can check the information without launching the app!)
7. Enhancement of disaster prevention information such as warning warnings and earthquake / typhoon information
8. Customize daily life information such as heat stroke, PM2.5, pollen information, laundry, clothes, starry sky index, etc. to your liking
9. For 120 yen per month, you can use the advertisement hiding function to make it easier to check the weather.

[Main functions]
You can check the information organized in 4 categories with one tap.
①Weather forecast ②Earthquake information ③Reading material ④Weather map
① Weather forecast
~ Easy-to-understand and detailed weather forecast ~
・ In addition to the weather at your current location, you can register up to 10 cities, wards, towns and villages. (If you are using the weather at your current location, please turn on the GPS function)
・ For today’s and tomorrow’s weather forecasts, you can check the weather, temperature, probability of precipitation, humidity, precipitation, and wind direction and speed on an hourly basis.
・ You can check the weather forecast for 10 days, which is longer than the familiar weekly weather forecast on TV.
・ For the weather forecast from the day after tomorrow to the 10th day, you can check the weather, precipitation probability, and temperature in 6-hour units.
-You can check the nearest current temperature in “Current temperature” at the bottom right of the application screen. Tap to check the observation record in 10-minute units and the rain cloud radar.
・ You can check useful information such as PM2.5, heat stroke, and life index with one tap from the icon. You can set up to 5 “favorite” icons.
The following information is available as useful information. Please use it in your daily life in addition to the weather forecast.
PM2.5, laundry, clothes, outing, starry sky, umbrella, ultraviolet rays, sensible temperature, car wash, leisure, throat lozenge
Sweat, discomfort, air conditioning, ice cream, beer, sterilization
Freezing water, moisture, frost, cold, comforter, heating, pots
Pollen (late January-May), heat stroke (April-September)
② Earthquake (earthquake information history)
-Disaster prevention measures start with daily contact with information-
・ You can check the latest 20 earthquake information nationwide. You can read more earthquake information by scrolling.
-Tap “Show weather information list” from the menu at the top right of the app screen to check disaster prevention information such as tsunami information, warning warnings, typhoon information, and volcano information.
③ Reading material (daily forecaster, tenki.jp supplement, weather overview)
-There is no shortage of topics about the weather and seasons-
・ In the daily forecaster, a weather forecaster belonging to the Japan Weather Association will explain the latest weather, disaster prevention, and seasonal topics.
・ At tenki.jp supplements, please enjoy columns related to the weather, life, and seasons.
・ For the weather overview, we will post the “Weather Agency Overview” of the points set in the weather forecast.
④ Weather map (weather map, meteorological satellite, PM2.5)
-Looking at the weather from weather maps and satellites-
・ You can check the live weather map, 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour forecast weather maps.
・ You can check the image of the current meteorological satellite image and the rain cloud radar superimposed 6 hours ago, 3 hours ago, 1 hour ago.
・ You can check the PM2.5 distribution forecast up to 24 hours later.
▼ Other abundant menu
In addition, you can see a wealth of information such as world weather, live weather, weather overview, mountain weather, sea weather, ski resort weather, index information, leisure weather, etc. from the menu list.
▼ Weather notification
・ The weather forecast for the place you want to know will be notified at the specified time.
・ The time zone can be selected from “morning (around 7 to 8 o’clock)”, “noon (around 11 to 12 o’clock)”, “evening (around 17 to 18 o’clock)” and “evening (around 20 to 21 o’clock)”.
▼ Widget
-We have prepared a weather forecast widget that allows you to check the weather forecast on the home screen without launching the app.

* “Tenki.jp” is read as “weather”.
* If the terminal has a certain resolution or less, the screen may not be displayed normally. Please be careful.

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