Home Mouse simulator: Virtual Mother & Mouse v APK Latest Version

Home Mouse simulator: Virtual Mother & Mouse v APK Latest Version

App Information of Home Mouse simulator: Virtual Mother & Mouse

App Name Home Mouse simulator: Virtual Mother & Mouse v
Genre Apps, Weather
Latest Version
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Package Namecom.ig.avelog.mouse.simulator.mouseinhome

Description of Home Mouse simulator: Virtual Mother & Mouse

Feel yourself in the skin of a small rodent -super Mouse Simulator Game! It is unique Rat Game which is based on the super Mouse and Cat Survival Simulator Missions in Jungle. Huge and dangerous Jungle is waiting to be explored in Rat Game or Mouse Simulator.

Two locations: Huge Forest and Cottage in Rat trap Game. Live in your secluded Mouse hole in the Forest or in the Cottage Rat trap Game. In the cottage king Mouse Simulator will have to show all your agility, Climb the fabric surface and jump from shelf to shelf, from furniture to furniture, on the way to the necessary object in the Simulator Game. Control the Crazy Cat Mouse runner Game in all its fury and help Crazy Cat Mouse runner stay alive. There are many Wild Animals in the Forest beware of them.

Cat Maid and Virtual Mother is ready to Catch Mouse. The Rat trap game is about the life of a king Mouse who is living inside the House. Running mouse do its day to day activities and tease the House Maid. The game play of Mouse Game starts and the king Mouse Simulator has to go to its House but before that find some Cheese to fulfill its appetite. Now king Mouse is in the Cottage, eat a Cake that is inside the oven in the kitchen in Mouse trap game. New Super mouse has to escape from the maid otherwise mouse will get killed in Mouse trap. Cat is sleeping and milk is placed in a bowl beside it, In game Mouse simulator have to go near the cat and drink all the milk without waking up the Cat. There is a TV in the Room, Mouse will eat the wire by being safe from the Maid. Maid has placed traps in the Family House to catch the in Big Mouse Simulator Game. Find Cheese by escaping those traps and Maid in Mouse game. There is a spider web in the Mouse Games House, find it and eat the web so that the spider run away in this .

The second mod to the mouse simulator game is that the player is new mother simulator and mom has to do different tricks to catch the mouse in the trap. Mother have to save Kitchen and house from naughty mouse. Angry Virtual mother take mouse traps from the cupboard and place it inside the mouse bill. The mouse will get caught in it. Mouse in tricky mouse simulator is very clever, he knows that something is wrong. Crazy Virtual Mother take out some Cheese from refrigerator and put it on the trap. Mouse will try to eat it and get caught in mother simulator game. New Virtual Mother simulator take the pills and mix it in the milk and place the milk bowl around mouse bill. Mouse will drink it and die. Mom will take the cat from outside and repel the cat to the Rat. In the last level, the Mouse is eating things in the fridge. Angry Virtual mother find a matchbox and burn the fridge, Mouse will be killed.

Amazing Mouse Simulator Game is an exciting Game for all Simulator or Survival lovers. Running Mouse Survives Game in dangerous jungle in search of water, food and mate. Live in your small hole in the Forest or in the cottage as crazy Mouse runner Game.

Features of Mouse simulator Game:
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Beautiful environment.
• Realistic Animals of Simulator Game.
• A well-designed location of the House with many loopholes for rescue.
• Smooth controls performance.

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