What Herbs Male Enhancement Supplements Use in Their Product?

Here is a list of natural ingredients or herbs that may help you combat low T levels, treat erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate and many other sexual dysfunctions. These are the herbs/ ingredients male enhancement supplements use in their products.


Zinc is the key mineral required by our body for proper development and growth. A study from the 1990s proved that a group of men with normal T levels were given a zinc deficient diet for 5 months. Subsequently their testosterone levels had reduced by 50%.

Men who have an optimal level of zinc in their body must not take any extra. Excess of zinc can be toxic as well. Get a blood test done to check your zinc levels. If optimum then you are good to go and if not, you can get dietary zinc from eggs, meat, legumes.


Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation increases both normal testosterone and free testosterone in the male bodies. Magnesium is known to increase the level of testosterone in men while they are stationary or working out but the testosterone reaches its peak when both the magnesium supplementation and working out go hand-in-hand.

Foods like beef, spinach, cacao(unprocessed), almonds, eggs, oysters are rich in magnesium.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali when given to chronically stressed men is known to increase testosterone levels by 45%. Tongkat ali is a present from nature in its all glory which boosts your testosterone level without any major side effects. The only side effect of tongkat ali is that it makes you feel thirstier than you are normally, nothing besides that.

Men too contain estrogen- essentially a female hormone, this herb balances the level of both the hormones in the blood.

You can consume tongkat ali in form of chips or tea but mind you, it is bitter in taste.

Nettle Extract

Nettle root extract has been known to regularize the production of testosterone in men. It increases your sexual desire which allows a thorough arousal. Nettle root extract helps nourish and tone reproductive and organ systems.

You can replace spinach with nettle leaves in any of the dishes like pasta, soup or replace it in pesto with basil leaves.

Maca Extract

Maca is also referred to as peruvian ginseng because of its ginseng like properties. Maca is known to increase fertility and libido in men. A series of 5 studies showed that it increased the sperm quality in both infertile and healthy men. It also helps in curbing the urogenital problems.

You can consume maca in your coffee, just sprinkle like you would sprinkle cinnamon in it. For more, you can make granola bars, smoothies or energy balls using maca.

Apart from the aforementioned compounds there are many other such as Horny goat weed, L arginine, Grapeseed extract.

Also Pay Attention

If you do not have the energy or the drive to go out and purchase these ingredients then you can also go for male enhancement pills that work, like Strongmen Male Enhancement. It is an all herbal formula to revitalise your sexual prowess.

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