Free Download 香港01 – 新聞資訊及生活服務 v APK

Free Download 香港01 – 新聞資訊及生活服務 v APK

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App Name 香港01 - 新聞資訊及生活服務 v
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Description of 香港01 - 新聞資訊及生活服務

【 全方位新聞資訊 】

《香港01》每日 24 小時提供即時香港新聞、國際新聞、頭條新聞、觀點評論,以及獨家偵查報道,全方位了解社會大小事,揭示社會現象。



體育新聞報道包括足球、NBA 籃球比賽、國際馬拉松等消息,更有運動員訪問、行山路線、武術競技等內容。

【 多元化生活頻道 】




hashTECH 科技玩物:最新科技產品開箱實測,第一手報道最新電子產品發佈,手機、電腦等周邊產品介紹,App 程式實用教學,更會分享多個手遊或其他熱門遊戲攻略。

旅遊:為您搜羅 staycation 酒店優惠、本地好去處、介紹香港絕美秘境。


【 其他生活服務 】

《香港01》提供自訂個人化內容,主頁可按您挑選的閱讀喜好推薦內容,讓您一 App 輕鬆掌握各類型活動、天氣和交通等資訊:





開講:《香港01》的社交互動平台,用戶可以分享生活細節及創作,以社交互動功能認識新朋友,將聲音連結至網絡大小話題:「開講」 – 開放互動,講你所想!


*本程式只支援 Android 6 或以上版本
【 Comprehensive news information 】

“Hong Kong 01” provides real-time Hong Kong news, international news, headlines, opinion reviews, and exclusive investigative reports 24 hours a day to understand social events in an all-round way and reveal social phenomena.

The Economic Channel captures the Hong Kong stock market and global financial news every day, and a number of experts analyze the market trend, allowing you to seize the opportunity, including real estate market information and personal financial strategies.

Entertainment news channel, track the latest and fastest entertainment news, keep abreast of star trends, exclusive interviews, as well as TV series and movie information such as Hong Kong dramas, Japanese dramas, and Korean dramas.

Sports news reports include football, NBA basketball games, international marathons and more, as well as athlete interviews, hiking routes, martial arts competitions, and more.

【 Diversified Life Channel 】

Health: Dismantle health myths, introduce common diseases, urban diseases and other information.

Diet: The video simply demonstrates a variety of home-cooked dishes, soups, and desserts, with detailed recipes, as well as local delicacies and restaurant recommendations.

Parent-child: introduction to the interview strategy, provide worksheets and other teaching materials to download, collect holiday parent-child activity information, and also take care of children’s psychological development.

hashTECH technology playthings: The latest technology products are tested out of the box, first-hand reports of the latest electronic product releases, introduction of peripheral products such as mobile phones and computers, practical teaching of App programs, and sharing of multiple mobile games or other popular game guides.

Travel: Search for staycation hotel deals, local attractions, and introduce Hong Kong’s most beautiful secrets for you.

In addition, it also covers pets, music, girls’ outfits, workplace, philosophy, culture and other rich content.

【 Other life services 】

“Hong Kong 01” provides customized and personalized content. The homepage can recommend content according to your selected reading preferences, allowing you to easily grasp various types of activities, weather and traffic information in one App:

Member area: Register as a 01 member to enjoy surprise discounts and exclusive activities. You can earn “01 Points” from a variety of activities, which can be exchanged for a wide range of gifts and consumption.

01 Space: Dedicated to providing Hong Kong people with convenient, fast and preferential diversified event information and ticketing services, including online lectures, workshops, etc.

01 Mindfulness: Hong Kong’s first online and offline charity matching platform, together with minds to achieve good things.

01 Online Shopping: Covers a variety of products, allowing you to experience the shopping fun of “01 Points” as money!

Lecture: The social interaction platform of “Hong Kong 01”, users can share the details of life and creations, meet new friends with social interaction function, and connect the voice to the big topic on the Internet: “Kai Lecture” – open interaction, talk about what you think!

01TV: Produces all kinds of latest videos and live broadcasts by itself, with both entertainment and information.

*This app only supports Android 6 or above
《香港01》App 為您帶來更有趣的互動、更個人化的使用體驗、更豐富的內容,無縫連繫香港人的生活。這次更新包括:

– 改善程式的穩定性,並修正一些已知問題。

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