Free Download 戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲 v1.17.3 APK

Free Download 戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲 v1.17.3 APK

9.4 (8534)Action, Games

App Information of 戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲

App Name 戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲 v1.17.3
Genre Action, Games
Size2.5 GB
Latest Version1.17.3
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Rating 9.4 ( 8534 )

Description of 戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲


故事發生在不遠的將來… …









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>>遊戲內使用的權限說明 :

移除風險 : 刪除此權限會導致數據分析異常,有被篡改數據的風險,甚至無法正確進行遊戲。

移除風險 : 刪除此權限會使玩家在某些情況下無法獲取數據文件或更新文件,導致遊戲無法正確運行。

◆Game world view

The story takes place in the near future…
Mankind’s ultimate exploration of basic science touched the taboo area, and the punishment of “punishing” suddenly came. The fragile human body is quickly destroyed, and the eroded machinery is manipulated and transformed into a violent killing machine.

The once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its traces on the earth. The survivors were forced to flee their homes and go into exile in deep space. And you, as a “savior”, will lead the last hope “structure” of human civilization on the journey of returning to the earth.

Commander, please fight with me to save human civilization!

◆Game Features

——Two-dimensional ARPG, a perfect combination of match 3 and action
The smooth and exquisite action design, the real and refreshing hitting feel, the free and easy rotation of the scene, and the original match-3 skill cast, make the combination of general attack and skill output more strategic. At the same time, the ultimate dodge brings super-computing space effects, the structure QTE supports the battlefield, and the captain’s skill improves combat power, bringing a new and wonderful combat experience.

——The ultimate picture, defining a new concept of combat aesthetic
Quiet and ethereal color matching, grand and magnificent battle scenes, exquisite and meticulous character modeling, combined with the structure’s use of one trick to brighten the light of hope in the battle, to create a gorgeous and quiet host-level visual effect, to maximize the restoration The end-time science fiction world in people’s minds.

-Rich plot, the last hope in the end times
Structures with different personalities, mysterious and dangerous ascenders, human organizations struggling to survive, support, persevere, suspicion, warmth, trust, use, and guard in the last days when Pamish descends, one by one ukiyoe scrolls slowly Unfold. Where will humanity go? Rich and full storytelling brings a more immersive game experience.

-Auditory feast, Japan’s top voice actors gather
Ishikawa Yui, Chino Aiyi, Tanaka Mimi, Matsuoka Tsuijo, Kawasumi Ayako, Fukuyama Jun, Tomatsu Haruka, Hosoya Yoshimasa and other popular Japanese voice actors came to help. In addition to the battle and greeting voices, you can also unlock more intimate voices and plots by increasing your friendship.


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※The content of this game software is classified as a supplementary 15 level according to the game software classification management method due to the plot involving sex and violence. You must be over 15 years old to use this game.
※Part of the content of this game involves sex (the characters in the game wear clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics, but do not involve sexual hints)
※Part of the content of this game involves violence (characters in fights and attacks highlight bloody scenes such as bloody injuries and blood splashes)
※This game is a free game. Some content or services require additional payment. Please consume appropriately according to personal interests and abilities.
※Please pay attention to the game time, avoid indulging, do not imitate the virtual plot of the game, too long game time will easily affect your work and rest, it is recommended to take a moderate rest.

>>Description of permissions used in the game:
Reason for use: Obtain the device ID to generate and ensure the inheritance of the guest account.
Removal risk: We will generate an experience guest account for you based on your device. Deleting this permission will not provide you with stable login behavior

Reason for use: Read the configuration file to check the integrity of the game data package.
Removal risk: Deleting this permission will result in abnormal data analysis, risk of data being tampered with, and even failure to play the game correctly.

Reason for use: When the OBB extension file cannot be downloaded normally, it will be downloaded to the storage manually for you.
Removal risk: Deleting this permission will make the player unable to obtain data files or update files in some cases, causing the game to not run correctly.

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