Download 高速公路/省道都市 ITSGood RoadCam 即時影像 v APK

Download 高速公路/省道都市 ITSGood RoadCam 即時影像 v APK

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App Name 高速公路/省道都市 ITSGood RoadCam 即時影像 v
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● 3.0版新增功能:全新【地圖模式】2000多支道路攝影機,看全臺即時路況,簡單又好操作
● 目前提供全國10條國道、12條快速公路、10條省道、5都約2000支路況攝影機提供省道攝影機功能,可觀看目前省道道路路況。
● 提供「攝影機時速預測」功能,可約略知道那裡可能塞車,然後再點選附近攝影機就可獲得僅2秒延遲的即時路況視訊。
● 提供交流道時速指標,按交流道方塊時,可迅速了解整條道路的行車概況。
● 提供「搜尋附近攝影機」功能,顯示離目前位置最近的6個交流道的攝影機。
● 提供「前方攝影機」功能,若您目前正行駛於國道或快速道路,可查詢目前位於那條路、航向及里程,並自動顯示下一個攝影機的視訊。單一按鍵操作就可瞭解前方即時路況。
● 整合了「ITSGood 生活便利通」,它是一個動態資訊發佈服務,可提供您多樣化的資訊,包含:圓仔生活、路況地圖、油價、天氣、統一發票及重要資訊分享等。
● 與Facebook上的「ITSGood 智慧交通服務」整合,您可以將高快速路路況照片加上您的心情與朋友分享,而您的朋友除了能瞭解您的現況外,也可在 Facebook 見到這個攝影機的即時視訊及在地圖上的位置。

請立刻到「ITSGood智慧交通」粉絲團,並按「讚」成為粉絲,您將可獲得ITSGood 的最新消息,及使用 ITSGood 在 Facebook 上的服務。

即時路況請安裝:ITSGood Roadcam即時影像、好路子
行車助理請安裝:ITSGood LuLu
ITS Road Cam
● New features in version 3.0: new [Map mode] more than 2000 road cameras, watching the real-time traffic conditions of the whole station, simple and easy to operate
● At present, there are 10 national highways, 12 express highways, 10 provincial highways, and about 2,000 road conditions in 5 cities across the country. The camera provides the function of provincial road camera, and you can watch the current provincial road road conditions.
● Provide the “camera speed prediction” function, you can know about where there may be traffic jams, and then click a nearby camera to get real-time traffic video with only 2 seconds delay.
● Provides an hourly speed indicator for the interchange, and you can quickly understand the driving overview of the entire road when you press the interchange square.
● Provides the “Search Nearby Cameras” function, which displays the 6 cameras closest to the current location.
● Provides the “front camera” function. If you are currently driving on a national highway or an expressway, you can query the current road, course and mileage, and automatically display the video of the next camera. A single button operation can understand the real-time road conditions ahead.
● Integrate “ITSGood Life Convenience Pass”, which is a dynamic information publishing service that can provide you with diversified information, including: Yuanzi’s life, road conditions maps, oil prices, weather, unified invoices and important information sharing.
● Integrate with the “ITSGood Intelligent Transportation Service” on Facebook, you can share photos of high-speed road conditions with your mood with your friends, and your friends can not only understand your current situation, but also see this camera on Facebook Live video and location on the map.

Please go to the “ITSGood Smart Transportation” fan group immediately and click “Like” to become a fan. You will get the latest news of ITSGood and use ITSGood’s services on Facebook.

Please install real-time traffic conditions: ITSGood Roadcam real-time image, good road
Driving assistant please install: ITSGood LuLu
ITS Road Cam
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