Download 認字識詞 v1.25 APK For Android

Download 認字識詞 v1.25 APK For Android

App Information of 認字識詞

App Name 認字識詞 v1.25
Genre Educational, Games
Size177.5 MB
Latest Version1.25
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Package Namecom.LearnsHere.LearnChineseWordss
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Description of 認字識詞

遊戲中的故事內容是經過精心設計,以兒童生活及有興趣的話題作題材。學習的漢字是參考香港、台灣及中國三地教育部的編著,由最常用,最簡單的字開始, 由淺入深, 並且透過故事內容, 將學習到的字詞串聯起來組成句子,並有數句例句,以不同方式使用生字,務求令小朋友增加對每一個字的認識及學懂的其使用方法。

學習語言及文字是每個小朋友都必需經歷的階段, 怎樣可以提高自己的小寶寶對學習字詞的興趣, 更是每個家長都會考慮的問題… 《認字識詞》正正就是一個可以幫助你的小朋友踏出愉快學習第一步的漢字學習應用程式。透過動畫遊戲故事方式, 由淺入深, 使你的小朋友可以快快樂樂地認字識詞。

【認識漢字】 透過動畫遊戲故事去認識漢字, 比一般圖書更能引起小朋友的學習興趣
【寫字練習】 遊戲先有動畫示範寫字筆順, 然後小朋友可以自己進行寫字練習
【故事形式】 遊戲會以故事形式進行, 每次加入一個新的字, 使小朋友可以透過動畫故事慢慢累積學習成果
【提升閱讀能力】 讓兒童認識單字、名詞外,也有連接詞、量詞、動詞及助語詞等,令他們快速提升閱讀能力
【小測驗】 遊戲途中及結尾加入小測驗, 既可以檢視學習成果, 亦可以與動畫遊戲故事模式形成切換, 保持小朋友對生字學習的新鮮感
【生字重溫】 完成學習的生字, 可以自選重溫
【雙語學習】 遊戲所有內容提供標準普通話及粵語旁白, 方便學習
【繁簡體互換】 遊戲提供簡體、繁體中文字,並附有漢語拼音及注音符號, 配合不同需要

小學中文常用字研究 – 優質教育基金
《香港小學學習字詞表》 – 香港教育局
《常用國字標準字體筆順手冊》 -中華民國教育部 終身教育司 網站
常用國字標準字體筆順學習網 – 台灣教育部
異體字字典 – 台灣教育部
《新編小學生字典》 – 人民教育出版社
《新華字典》 – 人民教育出版社
》Wonderful content:
The content of the story in the game is carefully designed, with children’s life and topics of interest as the themes. The Chinese characters learned are based on the compilations of the Ministry of Education of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They start with the most commonly used and simplest characters, from the simplest to the deeper, and through the content of the story, the learned words are connected to form sentences, and there are numbers. Sentence sentences, use new words in different ways, so that children can increase their knowledge of each word and how to use it.

Learning language and writing is a stage that every child must go through. How to improve their little child’s interest in learning words is a question that every parent will consider… “Recognition of Chinese Characters and Words” is one that can help. A Chinese character learning app for your kids to take the first step in learning happily. Through the animation game story method, from the shallower to the deeper, so that your children can recognize characters and words happily.

》Game Features:
[Knowing Chinese characters] Learning Chinese characters through animated game stories can arouse children’s interest in learning more than ordinary books.
[Handwriting practice] The game first has animation to demonstrate the order of writing strokes, and then children can practice writing by themselves
[Story format] The game will be played in the form of a story, each time a new word is added, so that children can slowly accumulate learning results through the animated story
[Improve reading ability] Let children recognize words and nouns, but also connectives, measure words, verbs and auxiliary words, so that they can quickly improve their reading ability
[Quiz] A quiz is added in the middle and at the end of the game, which can not only check the learning results, but also switch with the story mode of the animation game to keep children fresh in learning new words
[Review of new words] You can revisit the new words you have completed.
[Bilingual learning] All content of the game provides standard Mandarin and Cantonese narration for easy learning
[Traditional and Simplified Simplified Exchange] The game provides simplified and traditional Chinese characters with Chinese pinyin and phonetic symbols to meet different needs

》Reference materials:
The font and stroke order of this game are compiled with reference to the following books, papers and websites.
A Study of Common Chinese Characters in Primary Schools Education Fund
“The Vocabulary List for Primary Schools in Hong Kong” Kong Education Bureau
“Commonly used standard font stroke order manual for Chinese characters” of the Lifelong Education Department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China
Commonly used Chinese standard fonts Bishun Learning Network of Education, Taiwan
Variants Dictionary of Education, Taiwan
“New Dictionary for Primary School Students”-People’s Education Publishing House
“Xinhua Dictionary”-People’s Education Press
1. 改善效能
2. 提升速度

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