Download 新馬版三人麻將 v APK New Version

Download 新馬版三人麻將 v APK New Version

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Description of 新馬版三人麻將

🀄 新馬 #1 最火爆的麻將遊戲!三人麻將 (GoPlayPlay 3 Players Mahjong)
English version:

⭐⭐不用再怕3缺1!符合現代人的生活需求- 快!大!爽!⭐⭐

1. 麻將3P的牌只有筒子、東南西北、白板、青發、紅中、花牌和 飛(Joker)。比樸克牌還簡單。

2. ”飛“是萬能牌(Joker),可作任何牌來碰或是當作花。

3. 沒有吃/碰牌限制

4. 麻將3P玩家可以贏超過10番,番數越大贏得的籌碼將會加倍。40番以上赢得12倍的筹码!

5. 槓倍數,在這遊戲,槓牌不但能贏得籌碼,還能為贏家所贏得的籌碼加倍。1槓2倍、2槓4倍、3槓8倍,槓得越多,越刺激!

6. 加碼功能

7. 祈福功能

8. 好友功能

9. 貴賓房

10. 每日任務

1. 《雀王大賽》!讓你成為麻將明星!麻将之王者榮耀!
2. 《賭場大亨》!你的牌技有多厲害?不同賭場等你稱霸!
3. 《挑戰極限》如果每局給你同樣的開手牌,你能胡多高番?快來挑戰極限!
4. 《年獸活動》打爆年獸(讓年獸破產)完成每日任務!
5. 其他活動等您進來遊戲自行發覺!

官方網站 (遊戲的規則和特色)


打法: 馬來麻將、馬來西亞麻將、新加坡麻將
🀄 Xinma #1 The most popular Mahjong game! Three Mahjong (GoPlayPlay 3 Players Mahjong)
************************************************** **************
English version:

⭐⭐Don’t be afraid of 3 missing 1! Meet the needs of modern life-fast! Big! Cool! ⭐⭐
“Mahjong 3P” is a three-person Mahjong game that allows players to enjoy doubling the chips, doubling the fun and earning additional rewards.

Introduction to M3P Mahjong Rules:
1. The tiles of Mahjong 3P are only bobbin, southeast, northwest, white board, green hair, red middle, flower tiles and Joker. Simpler than Parker.

2. “Fly” is a universal card (Joker), can be used as any card to touch or as a flower.
But you can’t double-fly to touch other cards (unless you can Hu).

3. No eating/touching restrictions
If player A discards a card and the same card is played by the previous or next player in the same round, player A can eat/touch/stroke back.

4. Mahjong 3P players can win more than 10 rounds. The bigger the number, the double the chips. Over 40 rounds to win 12 times the chips!

5. Kung multiplier. In this game, Kung cards can not only win chips, but also double the chips won by the winner. 1 bar 2 times, 2 bars 4 times, 3 bars 8 times, the more bars, the more exciting!

6. Code plus function
Players can use diamonds to increase their bets.
If you increase the number by 5 times, the player who increases the number will win 5 times, and if they lose, they will only pay for the additional multiple used by other players.
Different districts have different code addition restrictions.

7. Blessing function
In order to get a more beautiful starting hand, players can use diamonds to pray. The system will exchange the highest 3 cards in the hand after the starting hand is allocated.

8. Friends function
Players can add friends through the friends function in the game.

9. VIP Room
Share the fun of Mahjong with friends and learn Mahjong card skills! No need to wait for a match anymore, just let your jio friends come to open the table!

10. Daily Tasks
Complete simple tasks and get rich rewards every day!

Challenge various game activities!
1. “The King of Birds Contest”! Make you a mahjong star! The glory of the king of Mahjong!
2. “Chip Overlord” can be said to be a warm-up activity before the Bird King Competition. The ranking of the game is based on the chips won during the limited time of the event!
2. “Casino Tycoon”! How good are your card skills? Different casinos are waiting for you to dominate!
3. “Challenge the Limits” if every game gives you the same opening hand, how high can you go? Come and challenge the limit!
4. “Nian Beast Activity” blast the Nian Beast (make Nian Beast bankrupt) to complete the daily mission!
5. Other activities are waiting for you to come in and discover by yourself!

Official website (rules and features of the game)

Please go to our Mahjong 3P fan page for more details or questions:

Play: Malay Mahjong, Malaysian Mahjong, Singapore Mahjong
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