Download 新射鵰群俠傳之鐵血丹心 v1.4.7 APK New Version

Download 新射鵰群俠傳之鐵血丹心 v1.4.7 APK New Version

8.0 (8400)Card, Games

App Information of 新射鵰群俠傳之鐵血丹心

App Name 新射鵰群俠傳之鐵血丹心 v1.4.7
Genre Card, Games
Size1.9 GB
Latest Version1.4.7
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Rating 8.0 ( 8400 )

Description of 新射鵰群俠傳之鐵血丹心

【射鵰.神鵰.倚天 跨世代卡牌RPG】
《新射鵰群俠傳》是一款結合《射鵰英雄傳》、《神鵰俠侶》、《倚天屠龍記》的金庸正版授權卡牌RPG遊戲。在遊戲中可收集金庸群俠過百位傳奇人物,包括:郭靖、黃蓉、楊過、小龍女、張無忌、周芷若、洪七公、黃藥師等,協助玩家成為武林上最強人物, 面對天下群雄,,正派邪教,依然無所畏懼,踏上武林之巔,傲視武林。

【經典劇情 全動畫展現】


【策略卡牌 多變戰鬥】

【千秋萬載 一統江湖】

[Shooting Eagle. Sculpture. Yitian Cross-Generation Card RPG】
“New Legend of the Condor Heroes” is a genuine Jin Yong licensed card RPG game that combines “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, and “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. In the game, you can collect more than a hundred legendary figures of Jin Yong’s heroes, including: Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Yang Guo, Xiaolong Nu, Zhang Wuji, Zhou Zhiruo, Hong Qigong, Huang Yaoshi, etc., to help players become the strongest figure in martial arts and face the world’s heroes. , An upright cult, still fearless, set foot on the top of the martial arts, disdainful of the martial arts.

[Classic plot and full animation show]
In “New Legend of the Condor Heroes”, all the classic plots of “The Condor Shooting Trilogy” will be reproduced, and will be presented one by one with wonderful animation dubbing, allowing you to be in the martial arts world of “Jin Yong”, freely traverse the rivers and lakes, and meet the martial arts The scholars met and even worshipped as righteous brothers to fight side by side.

[Integrating the world’s supernatural powers in one body]
Wonderful encounters in the rivers and lakes, learn magical skills! The original characters played by the players in “The New Legend of the Condor Heroes” can learn all kinds of magical arts in Jin Yong’s novels through the mysterious rivers and lakes, including: Nine Yin Zhenjing, Yi Jin Jing, Qiankun Great Movement, and the Eighteen Dragons. Palm, ecstasy palm, magical powers at the fingertips, etc. Surpass Yang Guo, Guo Jing, and Zhang Wuji at any time to become a master of martial arts!

【Strategic Cards   Changeable Battle】
“New Legend of the Condor Heroes” has a wealth of strategic card battles, with diversified martial arts, occupations and skills, and no absolute suppression of combat power, which completely tests the player’s card combination and formation. “New Legend of the Condor Heroes” supports a real-time PvP battle system. To become the number one in martial arts, you must come up with your strongest lineup.

[Thousands of Years, Unifying the World]
Players can create their own gangs, lead the elders, hall masters, and disciples to participate in real-time gang battles on the open big map, occupy various cities or base areas, grab various resources, and grow the gang step by step to become the world’s first gang! Lead the various factions of the arena and become the true leader of the martial arts.

■The content of this game involves scenes that are not bloody or slightly horrible, such as fights and attacks, and contains a small amount of inappropriate language. According to the game software classification management method, it is classified as a supplementary level 12, which can only be used by people over 12 years old.
■This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
■Play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time, and avoid indulging in the game

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