Download 偶像夢幻祭2 v1.6.1975 APK For Android

Download 偶像夢幻祭2 v1.6.1975 APK For Android

10.0 (2364)Games, Music

App Information of 偶像夢幻祭2

App Name 偶像夢幻祭2 v1.6.1975
Genre Games, Music
Size421.4 MB
Latest Version1.6.1975
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Rating 10.0 ( 2364 )

Description of 偶像夢幻祭2

【與他近在咫尺,體驗超真實的3D LIVE】
玩家可以在這個模式中以超真實3D角色的演唱會場景為背景,體驗音樂節奏遊戲,四種難度供你選擇,不論是新手還是節奏高手,都能找到你的Stage!與此同時,還能享受豪華的3D MV表現和個性十足的偶像們帶來的演唱會!遊戲中支持玩家自由地設置C位和其他表演成員,給偶像換裝搭配,欣賞自己pick的偶像帶來的專屬SPP表演,綻放獨一無二的明星光彩!
綠川光、梶裕貴、柿原徹也、森久保祥太郎、前野智昭 等四十多位一線聲優獻聲,演繹各色聲線,帶來全方位的聽覺盛宴,聲控的福音,這裡總有一款令你心動!

【官方FB】 偶像夢幻祭2
【官方社團】 偶像夢幻祭2 官方社團
[Get close to him and experience super-real 3D LIVE]
In this mode, players can experience the music rhythm game with a super-real 3D character’s concert scene as the background. Four difficulty levels are available for you to choose. Whether you are a novice or a rhythm master, you can find your Stage! At the same time, you can also enjoy the luxurious 3D MV performance and the concert brought by the idols with full of personality! In the game, players are allowed to freely set C positions and other performance members, dress up and match their idols, and enjoy the exclusive SPP performances brought by their picked idols, blooming a unique star brilliance!
[Laughter intertwined with tears, showing a touching bond]
The plot of “Idol Dream Festival 2” inherits the story of “Idol Dream Festival”. It is written daily by the light novelist. The idols formally move from campus to society, but the process of growth and transformation is not smooth sailing, and it is always full of doubts. , Hesitating, laughter and tears, they staged different fetters stories every day in the chorus square, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in it, touching the heartstrings every second!
[Top seiyuu lineup, sultry voice]
Midorikawa Hikari, Kaji Hiroki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Morikubo Shotaro, Maeno Tomoaki and more than forty first-line voice actors presented their voices, interpreting various voices, bringing a full range of auditory feasts, and the voice-controlled gospel. There is always one that will make you feel excited!
[Customize an exclusive idol daily, his life is up to you]
Players can arrange a variety of furniture in the idol office to create an exclusive idol home. There are not only a wealth of theme suits for players to decorate, but also a lot of super cute idol special furniture matching behaviors! The shaved ice stall on the beach eats delicious shaved ice, and the cozy bedroom wears furry eye masks to scream… The exquisite action details seem to be in the life of an idol.

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