Download 三竹股市-免費行動股市即時報價、全台百萬用戶使用 v APK New Version

Download 三竹股市-免費行動股市即時報價、全台百萬用戶使用 v APK New Version

App Information of 三竹股市-免費行動股市即時報價、全台百萬用戶使用

App Name 三竹股市-免費行動股市即時報價、全台百萬用戶使用 v
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Description of 三竹股市-免費行動股市即時報價、全台百萬用戶使用

手機看盤的先驅領導《三竹股市》! 提供證券、指數、期貨、選擇權、外匯及國際金融商品等完整市場行情,同時支援多券商下單與線上開戶功能,透過豐富的盤後資訊與專業的技術指標,滿足你所需要的投資需求,深獲市場上超過百萬下載量的肯定與信賴!

●開戶看盤下單 便捷一站式

●大數據運算 市場獨有數據圖解

●齊全技術指標 判斷多空更便利



●看盤方式自由配 不設限

●選股工具大匯集 挑股真方便

●雲端系統監控 最豐富警示條件

Pioneer and leading “Sanzhu Stock Market” in mobile market viewing! Provides complete market information for securities, indices, futures, options, foreign exchange and international financial products, and supports multi-broker order placement and online account opening functions. Through rich after-market information and Professional technical indicators to meet your investment needs, and won the affirmation and trust of more than one million downloads in the market!

●Open an account and place an order, one-stop convenience
【Multi-Broker Orders】: Support multiple brokers to place orders and select basic important accounting functions.
【Entrusted Transaction Active Return】: Provides an exclusive patent entrusted return window, and real-time advanced control of transaction status.
[Online account opening]: You can also enjoy exclusive gifts when you complete online account opening through the Internet, and you can open an account with peace of mind during the epidemic prevention period.

●Big data calculation market unique data illustration
[Bargaining Chip Overview]: Market exclusive function, easy to grasp the in and out of individual stocks and the strength of the chips, insight into trend changes.
[Brokers in and out of points]: System big data statistics, find out the mysterious points, and quickly determine the daily flow of chips.
[Technical Trends]: real-time calculation of short, medium and long-term indicator signals, strong and weak lights at any time grasp the trend dynamics.
[Main force in and out]: Catch the main force and ride the windmill, analyze the next step of the main force’s layout, grasp the opportunities, and operate with the trend.

●Complete technical indicators, it is more convenient to judge long and short
[Price and volume indicators]: Collect 24 key indicators, RSI, KD, OBV, DMI, pagoda lines are all available.
[Bargaining Chip Index]: Analysis of the three major legal entities, financing bills, pawning, large stock holdings, main force entry and exit, and the number of buyers and sellers.
[Financial indicators]: Return to the essentials and visualize the data. Novices in the stock market can also find good investment targets.

●Support quotation of diversified financial products
[Diversified domestic commodities]: In addition to securities, indices, futures, options and warrants, petty bourgeoisie pay attention to odd stocks, ETFs and subscription bidding.
[International financial target]: In line with international standards, global indexes, international foreign exchange and US stocks, to support your all-weather investment needs.

●The most multimedia authorized news source in the market
[News Confluence]: From financial media to PPT villagers’ discussions, 21 media sources are selected, and the number of news views marks hot topics.
[Video content]: In addition to text news, video news makes it easier to grasp the latest news.

●The way to watch the order is free to match, no limit
[The first three modes]: Starting from the user’s thinking, whether it is a simple single window sliding or a split window for enthusiasts, you can find a corresponding suitable mode for different operation strategies.
[Four lists are free to choose]: Detailed listings, simple grids, multiple trends and trending chips, from simple stock price rises and declines to main bargaining chip dynamics, at a glance all the key information of the concerned stocks.

●A large collection of stock picking tools, it is really convenient to pick stocks
[Robot stock selection]: Graphical stock selection, bargaining chips, technology and financial stock selection; select stock selection strategies such as Warren Buffett, Fisher and other masters, it is not difficult to enter the market and invest.
[Smart Stock Selection]: Screen all kinds of data and information, provide real-time ranking, price and volume indicators, selection of chips and operating performance conditions. It is very simple to go long and short.
[New Stocks Winner]: Short-term longs, long retracements, risk warning stocks and strong orders, pick good stocks based on trends and financial statistics.

●Cloud system monitoring, the most abundant warning conditions
[Multiple condition settings]: From real-time price and volume to changes in the market and key prices of the day, there are more than 30 condition categories to choose from, making it easy to grasp the dynamics of individual stocks.

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