Download マンガPark-人気マンガが毎日更新 待てば読める漫画アプリ v APK New Version

Download マンガPark-人気マンガが毎日更新 待てば読める漫画アプリ v APK New Version

App Information of マンガPark-人気マンガが毎日更新 待てば読める漫画アプリ

App Name マンガPark-人気マンガが毎日更新 待てば読める漫画アプリ v
Genre Apps, Comics
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Description of マンガPark-人気マンガが毎日更新 待てば読める漫画アプリ






・フルーツバスケットanother / 高屋奈月
・恋と心臓 / 海道ちとせ
・ど根性ガエルの娘 / 大月悠祐子
・淫らな君に咬まれたい / 真昼てく
・絶許!男子高ハーレム〜兄の貞操は私が守る〜 / 蟹えにか
・虐殺ハッピーエンド / [原作]宮月新、[作画]向浦宏和
・逝けないカノジョのお手伝い / 中原開平
・オネエ男子、はじめます。 / 池ジュン子
・ミントチョコレート / 折笠まみ




[First download only]
We are distributing coins that can read more than 15 episodes for free to everyone!

▼ Features of Manga Park ▼
・ 3,000 episodes are completely free without coin consumption!
・ Free every day with FREE coins that you can get twice a day!
・ All Hakusensha labels are gathered! About 700 works and 40,000 episodes are being delivered!
・ Many serialized works that are updated every day of the week!
・ Original works that can only be read in Manga Park are being serialized!

● You can get FREE coins twice a day! 8 episodes are free every day! ●
As the name suggests, you can read manga for free with FREE coins!
FREE coins will be recovered twice daily, so a total of 8 episodes will be free every day!
Read all the legendary masterpieces to the latest ones for free!

● All Hakusensha labels are gathered! Delivering a large amount of manga works ●
Over 400 works are updated daily on a daily basis!
The masterpieces of Hakusensha that everyone knows are also generously delivered!
Works from Hakusensha’s huge magazine labels such as “Hana to Yume,” “LaLa,” “Young Animal,” and “Melody” are gathered at Manga Park!
Check the update date of your favorite work from the “serialization list” in the app!

-Original work that can only be read in Manga Park! ●
Let’s read the original work that can only be read in Manga Park!
If the app becomes popular, it can be made into a book, animated, or made into a movie! ??
Let’s grow Manga Park original works with your hands!

▼ Manga Park original work
・ Fruit basket another / Natsuki Takaya
・ Love and heart / Chitose Kaido
・ Daughter of guts frog / Yuko Otsuki
・ I want to be bitten by a nasty you / Midday
・ Unforgivable! Men’s High Harlem ~ I Protect My Brother’s Chastity ~ / Crab
・ Slaughter Happy End / [Original] Arata Miyatsuki, [Drawing] Hirokazu Mukoura
・ Helping girlfriends who can’t die / Kaihei Nakahara
・ Onee boys, let’s get started. / Junko Ike
・ Mint chocolate / Mami Orikasa

● You can read all the works you are interested in at once until the final episode! Full story release & look-ahead function installed! ●
In addition to weekly and monthly updates, all episodes from the first episode to the final episode will be released at once!
If you are worried about the continuation, use coins at the shop to read it all at once!

● First manga app! Radio program presented by a luxurious personality ●
Radio programs that can only be listened to at Manga Park are also being distributed! (Excluding some viewing environments)
Is there a story behind the manga industry that can only be heard on radio? ?? Broadcasting that will be a hot topic with friends is in full swing!

● Manga Park is recommended for people like this ●
・ I want to read Hakusensha’s masterpieces such as “Fruit Basket (Fulva)” and “Holyland” on my smartphone!
・ I want to read a lot of manga for free!
・ Recent manga apps are not enough.
・ I’m looking for an app that can read old shojo manga.
・ I don’t think I have time to commute to work or school.

▼ Notes ▼
-Tablets are not covered by the operation guarantee.
・ Works and radio programs are subject to change without notice. Please note.
・ If the image cannot be read, it may be possible to read it by restarting the terminal once.
・ Communication charges are incurred if you are not using the packet flat-rate service.

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