神盾測速照相 v3.3.4 APK Latest Version

神盾測速照相 v3.3.4 APK Latest Version

App Information of 神盾測速照相

App Name 神盾測速照相 v3.3.4
Genre Games, Maps & Navigation
Size16.5 MB
Latest Version3.3.4
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Package Nametw.com.ainvest.outpack
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Description of 神盾測速照相

我們是免費軟體,照相點圖資也提供免費更新. 可是我們的照相點更新速度一點也不馬虎喔👍,天天都有在處理!


移動式/經常出沒內建警示項目: 臨檢、噪音偵測車、警車、手持三眼、三腳架等等這類可移動,出沒時間不定的取締位置.

即時路況: 出門前,可事先查一下目的地路況CCTV,支援全台喔.




不需網路連線: 偵測時不需網路,頻寬零浪費!

相機方向判斷: 對向行駛不吵您.

雙向相機建檔: 多年資料人力蒐集,雙向拍照也不漏過.

免費照相點更新: 確保偵測最佳準確度.



背景執行:可與Google Map導航完美搭配.



自錄語音: 您可自訂您專屬的警示效果.




自動降噪: 干擾更少,語音播報時更清楚了.

智慧型警告距離: 警示距離會自動調整到最佳狀態喔, 不需要手動設定.

● HUD抬頭顯示,可自訂亮度,語音音量大小.

● GPS訊號強度偵測,可即時了解收訊狀況.

● 速限顯示,並且能顯示距離照相點之距離.

● 自建警示點,一鍵建立,支援座標方向輸入,地圖確認.

● 時鐘顯示,開車時查看時間更方便了.



We are free software, and we also provide free updates for the photo spots. But the update speed of our photo spots is not sloppy at all 👍, it is processed every day!

Fixed built-in warning items: fixed camera, interval speed measurement, technology law enforcement, red light running, noise detection, sky-eye system (temporary stop violation, violation left turn, multi-directional violation monitoring, illegal lane change, vehicle distance violation, etc.), ramp photography .. and so on, such fixed speed measuring, banning, and evidence-searching devices.

Movable/frequently haunted built-in warning items: temporary inspections, noise detection vehicles, police cars, handheld three-eyes, tripods, etc.movable, outlawed locations with variable time.

Real-time traffic conditions: Before going out, you can check the traffic conditions of the destination CCTV in advance to support all stations.

Interval speed measurement: Supports new-style interval warnings to help you calculate interval average data, which is super convenient.

Science and Technology Law Enforcement: Support new types of technology law enforcement and give you complete tips.

Custom speed limit: It will warn you if you can exceed the speed.

No internet connection required: No internet is required for detection, zero waste of bandwidth!

Camera direction judgment: Driving in the opposite direction will not disturb you.

Two-way camera file creation: Many years of manual data collection, two-way photography is not missed.

Free photo spot update: to ensure the best accuracy of detection.

All available: fixed, mobile, frequent spots, viaducts, running red lights, illegal sites, mobile photography

Automatic detection: highways, express roads, flat roads, urban roads, road types will be automatically determined

Background execution: It can be perfectly matched with Google Map navigation.

Multiple linkage: Support background execution and linkage of multiple commonly used music/navigation apps

Custom warning voice: Each camera type can be set independently, and it can even be replaced by music.

Self-recorded voice: You can customize your own warning effect.

Asymptotic sound prompt: Feel the proximity of the approaching distance, and support automatic asymptotic frequency adjustment.

Voice distance reminder: Use your voice to remind you how far you are from the speed camera, don’t look down!

Speed ​​adjustment: You can adjust your GPS speed to synchronize with the speed of the car dashboard!

Automatic noise reduction: There is less interference, and the voice broadcast is clearer.

Smart warning distance: The warning distance will be automatically adjusted to the best state, no manual setting is required.

● HUD head up display, you can customize the brightness and voice volume.

● GPS signal strength detection, can understand the reception status in real time.

● Speed ​​limit display, and can display the distance from the camera point.

● Self-built warning points, one-click creation, support for coordinate direction input, map confirmation.

● Clock display, it is more convenient to check the time while driving.

The streamlined design will not disturb your attention while driving. We don’t want you to stare at your phone while driving. Your driving safety is the most important thing.

In response to the official speed camera settings will change from time to time, we will do our best to update, but it is inevitable that there will be omissions.

Free apps need everyone’s support to continue!

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